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Replacing a Pulley on a Maytag Washer

pulley 1Ok, what we are looking at here is a Maytag washer, what is going on is that the pump is making noise so we are going to remove this access panel, three five sixteen screws and gain access to the top, where you’ll see, there is your pump, it is held on by three, 3/8th screws and there are two hose clamps that we have to deal with.

The tools needed for this repair are your 3/8ths ratchet wrench, a pair of clamp pliers, a 5/16th nut driver and we use a pair of adjustable pliers. Ok so now we are going to remove the three 3/8th screws from the unit and get that pump out of there. Ok now we will be able to have a good look at the problem… As you can see, what makes this pump bad is that you can move the pulley around and that’s why it’s making all the noise so replacing will make it nice and quiet again.

pulley 2Alright, we are going to remove the hose clamps. There will always be water inside the pump so it’s good to put something to catch the water so that we don’t make a mess. Now we are going to put the pump back into the cabinet and then we will secure it with the screws that we took out earlier. Then I will put the cover back on, then what we have to do is put the washing machine up and put the belt back on.

Ok, so there are three pulleys that we have to put the belt around; transmission pulley, motor pulley and the pump pulley and the easiest way to do that is you get is started on the pump and the motor pulley then you start it on the transmission pulley and you just roll.

So that’s basically how you replace a pump on a Maytag washer. I hope that was helpful for you.

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